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Student Conduct Policies

KII College's Student Conduct Policies ensure a fair and respectful academic environment. Emphasizing the importance of the Examination Code of Conduct, we prioritize personal responsibility and adherence to regulations. Our prevention-first approach during exams includes vigilant invigilation. We actively combat Academic Dishonesty and treat plagiarism as a major offense, encouraging self-screening of assignments. Our policies also address various disciplinary matters, reinforcing our commitment to a positive learning atmosphere at KII College.

Examination Code of Conduct:

At KII College, we instill a commitment to upholding the Examination Code of Conduct. Students are expected to prioritize the importance of examinations, prepare thoroughly, and adhere strictly to regulations. Our prevention-first approach includes invigilation during formal exams and tests, clear instructions, and warnings to ensure a fair and honest assessment environment.


Academic Dishonesty (Malpractice) Prevention:

We actively educate and work to prevent Academic Dishonesty (Malpractice) Matters. Cheating during tests or examinations, such as communication with other candidates or using unauthorized materials, is strictly prohibited. Our preventative measures include vigilant invigilation, no-phone policies, and maintaining a clear 5m distance between tables.


Actions during Exam or Test:

If cheating is suspected, the invigilator may seek assistance from the Principal. Clear evidence prompts the initiation of a formal "Assessment Malpractice" process, referred to the Disciplinary Committee for appropriate action.


Plagiarism in Assignments:

Plagiarism is treated as a major offense at KII College. It includes copying word-for-word or patchwork plagiarism without proper acknowledgment. To uphold academic integrity, students are encouraged to self-screen assignments for plagiarism using online tools such as Plagiarism exceeding 20% is unacceptable, requiring students to redo their work.


Other Disciplinary Matters:

Various disciplinary matters, such as leaving without permission, bullying, defiance, improper attire, and violation of College Policies, are reviewed by the Principal/Academic Head. Any unlawful actions, according to Singapore Laws, are also subject to disciplinary action by the college.

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