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Transfer / Withdrawal / Deferment Policy

As part of our commitment to transparency and fairness, KII College has established comprehensive policies for refunds, withdrawals, transfers, and deferments, aligning with the Committee for Private Education (CPE) guidelines.

Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal requests necessitate written communication, with refunds processed within seven (7) working days. It's crucial to note that any previously granted discounts, rebates, or waivers will be forfeited upon withdrawal.

Withdrawal Procedures

For Course Withdrawals, students must complete the Student Request Form, specifying the desire for a refund in the 'Refund' section. Supporting documents required for processing the withdrawal should be submitted alongside the form, and the reasons for withdrawal documented. An interview session with the Administration Officer will be arranged to establish the reasons for the withdrawal. Upon approval, a Withdrawal from Course of Study Letter will be provided to the student.


Transfer Policy

For course transfers initiated before the class commencement date, course fees will be transferred to the new course, with any excess payment refunded within seven (7) working days. Requests after class commencement will be subject to additional procedures and fees.

Transfer Procedure

To initiate a Course Transfer, students are required to complete the Student Request Form, indicating their intention and any refund preferences. Supporting documents, such as those demonstrating compliance with the minimum entry requirements for the new course, must be submitted with the form. The reasons for the transfer should be documented as well. Following the submission, the Administration Officer will meet with the student, and upon approval, a Notification for Course Transfer Request will be issued.


Deferment Policy

Students seeking deferment are required to submit a written request, along with supporting evidence, at least one (1) month before the term's commencement. This deferment is subject to approval and allows for a maximum duration of one (1) year. Settlement of any outstanding payments is mandatory before resuming the course in the new class.


For late enrolment within the first two weeks of course commencement, students are automatically considered as such. Deferment requests after the third week necessitate a written submission of reasons to the Principal/Management team for approval. A maximum one-year deferment is permissible, contingent upon the settlement of any outstanding payments before course resumption. Students failing to appear after the two-month limit from the In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter issuance will be classified as withdrawn, prompting withdrawal procedures facilitated by the Administration Executive.

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