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Diploma in Business Administration

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KII College

Diploma in Business Administration opens up diverse career paths and opportunities for educational and business skill advancement. Comprehensive business course to gain mastery in business and well-prepared for opportunities.

KII College

We are currently developing a programme aimed at significantly enhancing your skills, and we look forward to introducing it to you soon. Thank you for your continued support of KII College.

Diploma in Business Administration

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KII College

Embark on a transformative educational journey with KII College's Diploma in Business Administration, a program meticulously crafted to empower and equip students for success in the dynamic world of business. Tailored to provide a comprehensive understanding of key concepts and practical applications. Join us in shaping future business leaders through a curriculum that goes beyond traditional boundaries.

Course Objective

KII College's Diploma in Business Administration aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of essential business principles and practical applications. The program focuses on fostering holistic skill development, including strategic management, financial acuity, effective communication, and innovative problem-solving.


With an emphasis on cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset, students are equipped to generate ideas, develop business plans, secure funding, and build brands. The curriculum also offers a global perspective, addressing the impact of globalization and preparing students for success in an interconnected world economy.


Ultimately, the diploma aims to ensure that graduates emerge with a versatile skill set, ready to navigate the dynamic business landscape and contribute effectively to their future careers.

Course Structure


The program spans an immersive curriculum over four weeks for each subject, combining theoretical learning with practical applications, case studies, and real-world scenarios. The holistic approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of each subject, preparing students not only for immediate success but also for continuous growth and adaptability in their future careers.


  • Introduction to Business:

    • Foundations of Business and Marketing

    • Marketing Mix: Product and Price Strategies

    • Marketing Mix: Place and Promotion Strategies

    • Managing Business Activities

    • Business Decisions and Strategy

    • Global Business Perspectives

  • Economic Insights:

    • Understanding Market Dynamics

    • Macroeconomic Fundamentals

    • Business Behaviour and Market Structures

    • Global Economic Perspectives

  • General Accounting:

    • Fundamentals of Accounting

    • Advanced Financial Reporting

    • Corporate and Management Accounting

    • Strategic Accounting Decisions

  • Mathematics for Academic Studies:

    • Basics of Algebra and Geometry

    • Advanced Algebra and Calculus

    • Basics of Statistics

    • Synthesis and Application

  • Human Resource Management:

    • Introduction to Human Resources Management

    • Recruitment and Selection

    • Training, Development, and Performance Management

    • Employee Relations and Compensation Management

  • Project Management:

    • Introduction to Project Management

    • Planning and Resource Management

    • Execution and Team Management

    • Project Closure and Evaluation

  • Marketing:

    • Introduction to Marketing and Consumer Behaviour

    • Digital Marketing and Social Media

    • Branding and Customer Relationships

    • Strategic Marketing and Global Outlook

  • Entrepreneurship:

    • Introduction to Entrepreneurship

    • Business Planning and Strategy

    • Operations and Management

    • Growth and Scaling Your Business 

This well-structured course provides students with a diverse range of subjects, ensuring they gain a versatile skill set and a deep understanding of key business concepts, preparing them for success in various professional domains

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of the Diploma in Business Administration, students will excel in advanced critical thinking, adeptly analyzing complex business scenarios and formulating effective solutions. Proficiency in applying specialized business tools to address operational and strategic challenges will be demonstrated, accompanied by strong communication skills in oral presentations and written interactions. Here are the expected learning outcomes for each subjects:


Introduction to Business:

Develop a profound understanding of fundamental business and management principles, spanning marketing, people management, decision-making, and global business perspectives.


Economic Insights:

Deepen comprehension of economic principles and critical aspects in the contemporary economy, exploring market dynamics, macroeconomic performance, business behavior, and global economic perspectives.


General Accounting:

Attain mastery over fundamental accounting principles and practical skills, progressing from basic concepts to advanced corporate and strategic aspects. Develop proficiency for effective financial decision-making.


Mathematics for Academic Studies:

Elevate problem-solving capabilities and mathematical thinking through the exploration of algebra, coordinate geometry, trigonometry, differentiation, and integration. Applicable across diverse scientific and engineering disciplines.


Human Resource Management:

Gain insights into key facets of human resource management, encompassing recruitment, training, performance management, and compensation. Develop preparation for effective human resource management practices.


Project Management:

Acquire foundational concepts, tools, and techniques essential for planning, executing, managing, and evaluating projects. Cultivate skills in team management, risk assessment, and ensuring successful project closure.



Comprehend modern marketing principles and strategies, covering market analysis, consumer behavior, digital marketing, branding, and global marketing. Apply these concepts adeptly to real-world business scenarios.



Foster an entrepreneurial mindset by cultivating skills in idea generation, business planning, funding strategies, and brand building. Acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary for initiating and managing successful businesses.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to the Diploma in Business Administration program at KII College, applicants must meet the following entry requirements:


Age Requirement:

  • Applicants must be at least 16 years old or above.

  • Mature candidates (30 years old and above, with a minimum of 8 years of work experience)


Academic Qualifications:

Applicants should satisfy ONE of the following criteria:

  • Minimum 1 GCE A-Level pass with E Grade; OR

  • Other private or foreign qualifications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis (based on the equivalence to the GCE A-Level).


English Language Proficiency:

Applicants must meet ONE of the following English proficiency criteria:

  • C6 pass for English at GCE 'O' Levels or equivalent

  • Minimum band score of 5.5 in IELTS or equivalent

  • Pass the English Entrance Test conducted by KII College

  • KII College's Certificate in English Level 3 (Intermediate)

  • Minimum score of 85 and above in Duolingo English Test

Delivery and Assessment for Diploma in Business Administration


Delivery for Diploma in Business Administration:

  • 100% Face-to-face learning at 18 Jalan Masjid #B1- 09 Kembangan Plaza Singapore 418944 or

  • 100% Online or

  • Blended learning (online and face-to-face classes) is available.

  • The same diploma is awarded to all students.


KII College diploma programme consists of 8 modules which may be completed within 10 months.

Total Contact Hours for Full-Time Course is 640 hours, with 5 days per week lesson, and

on average the there are 3 hours per lesson.

Lecture: 8 hours per week

Tutorial: 4 hours per week

Assessment: 3 hours per week

Module Durations: 80 hours per module 


Duration of Course:

Full-time: 10 Months



Upon successful completion of the required subjects outlined in the program structure, students will be granted the  Diploma in Business Administration from KII College, Singapore.



Assessment & Examination for Diploma in Business Administration 

The assessment and examination structure may consist of various formats, including:

  • 100% assessment

  • 100% examination, or

  • a combination of both assessment and examination.

Fees & Commencement for Diploma in Business Administration


For Singapore Citizen / Permanent Resident

Full-Time: S$8,000.00

Application fees: S$150.00

Intake: New intake on every new module.

* Please contact us for new intake

Registration of Diploma in Business Administration


Diploma in Business Administration offered by KII College is registered with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). This registration ensures that KII College, as a registered Private Education Institution (PEI), meets and maintains the necessary requirements for student's protection.


Upon completion of the Diploma in Business Administration, students have a few distinct pathways available:

  • Continued Higher Education:

Armed with the Diploma Certification, students can further their educational journey by pursuing an Advanced Diploma and a Degree in Business Administration. KII College actively supports students in their pursuit of higher education by assisting them in enrolling at other reputable private institutions that offer these programs.

  • Career Opportunities with Diploma Certification:

With the successful completion of the Diploma in Business Administration program and opens doors to a wide range of business-related career opportunities.

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