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Attendance and leave policies at KII College are vital for academic success, emphasizing the importance of regular attendance in both physical and online classes. These policies provide a structured framework, ensuring accountability and engagement in the learning process. Recognizing diverse student needs, the leave policy allows for essential personal and medical matters, contributing to a positive and disciplined learning environment that values responsibility and punctuality.

Course Attendance

KII College requires students to attend classes regularly and punctually, encompassing both physical and online sessions, when applicable.

  • Any absenteeism must be supported by medical certificate(s) or approved student leave form(s).


Attendance requirements and leave application guidelines:

75% minimum attendance per month or per module.


Absentees, Termination, and Unaccounted absences are addressed as follows:

  • 1st Absence: Warning letters and messages.

  • 2nd Absence: Warning letters and messages continue.

  • 3rd Absence: Email, acknowledgment meeting with Academic Head, copy to Parent/Guardian.

  • 4th Absence: Principal reviews for potential withdrawal, informing Parent/Guardian.


Zoom Attendance Criteria (when applicable)

  • 100% (Present): Full presence with a non-static face shot.

  • 50%: Student did not answer when called, joined 20 minutes late, or left for more than 40 minutes without valid reasons.

  • 0% (Absent): Attended less than 30 minutes or not at all.

Leaves Matter

All Student Leaves require review and approval by the Principal or Academic Head.

Supportable leaves, subject to supporting documents:

  • Medical Leave: Notification, doctor consultation, and submission of medical certificate upon recovery.

  • Personal Leave: Application with evidence for important personal matters.

  • Hometown Leave: Approval by the Principal for international students attending to immediate family matters, with submission of supporting documents.

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