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Student Support Services

Welcome to KII College's Student Support Services. Our comprehensive support system includes a thorough New Student Orientation to familiarize you with college essentials. From personalized academic assistance and counseling services to facilitating exam registrations and offering medical insurance coverage, we are committed to ensuring your well-being and academic journey. Explore the array of services designed to make your time at KII College enriching and fulfilling, because your well-being is our priority

New Student Orientation:

KII College welcomes new students with an orientation program that covers important aspects like fees, college policies, attendance requirements, and more. It helps students get familiar with the college and its services.


Counseling Services:

We offer basic counseling to help students navigate personal challenges. If issues are complex, we may connect students with professional counselors from external agencies for additional support.


Teacher-Parent Meetings:

To keep parents informed, we organize regular meetings where teachers provide feedback on students’ performance in college.


Academic Assistance:

Students struggling in subjects can receive free one-to-one coaching after lessons. Additional lessons may be scheduled based on a careful evaluation of the student’s progress and commitment.


Tuition Referral Services:

Upon request, the college can connect students with approved tutors, either from our teaching staff or external educators, to provide extra help with subjects.


Exam Support:

We assist students with exam registration and help retrieve their examination results for external exams.


Excursions and Field Trips:

We organize events like excursions and field trips to offer students a well-rounded education, foster social responsibility, and encourage community involvement. Advance notice is given for these events.

KII College Pte. Ltd.

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