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Welcome to KII College

Diploma in Business Administration

Join us on a journey to academic excellence and personal growth.

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About KII College

KII College is a progressive educational institution dedicated to academic excellence, innovation, and student achievement. Situated in Singapore, we offer a wide range of programs aimed at preparing students for success in the ever-changing business world. Our student-centered approach creates an inclusive environment where every student can thrive academically and professionally.

KII College is known for its relentless pursuit of educational innovation, quality assurance, and continuous improvement. Through cutting-edge curricula, dedicated faculty, and global partnerships, we equip students to navigate the challenges of today's business landscape. Our strong ethical foundation and responsible financial practices ensure a meaningful impact on the local community and beyond, aligning with our mission of unlocking individual potential through education.


A Gateway to Business Brilliance

KII College

Diploma in Business Administration course aims to nurture the next generation of leaders. Elevate your career, master leadership, and uncover the secrets of successful entrepreneurship. Join us and unlock your potential.

KII College

KII College's new programme

We are currently developing a programme aimed at significantly enhancing your skills, and we look forward to introducing it to you soon. Thank you for your continued support of KII College.


To stand as an innovative educational institution dedicated to empowering students to nurturing individuals to unlock their utmost potential, fostering academic excellence, and cultivating future leaders and contributors to society.

KII College Pte. Ltd.

PEI Reg No.: 202342267G

15 May 2024 to 14 May 2026


18 Jalan Masjid 

#B1-09 Kembangan Plaza

Singapore 418944


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

Sat / Sun / PH

9:00 am – 6:00 pm



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